Welcome to the "Medical Directive Safety Band" Campaign 2012. 

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Welcome to the "Medical Directive Safety Band" Campaign 2012. 


Created by a sister who has been in the Truth for 20 years because she is very concerned about when her Brothers and Sisters are moving about on the Earth; Are they protected enough when a medical emergency happens?  We should inform, as soon as possible, any medical personnel or any other person(s), that we have a legal and signed document, the Medical Directive, on our person in our wallet that must be followed.


We must let others be aware of our personal decision on the use of blood.  If we are not conscious at the time, then we need them to know where to look to find our Medical Directive.  The "Slave Class" has instructed all of us to carry one in our wallet next to our Driver's License for this is the most logical place that someone would look for any information needed about us.  Again, whether we are in an emergency or just for knowledge sake, the JWMD-Band (Jehovah's Witness Medical Directive-Band) is necessary, wouldn't you agree?  Un-baptized children are under the supervision of their dedicated parent(s) and, therefore, a Youth-band (glow-in-the-dark) is soon available.  Also, an Un-Baptized Publisher (Generic) band is soon available.  At this time, only English language items are in stock.  We want to inform with the language of the medical field of where we live, and English is recognized in most places.  All Bands are only $3.00 USD each.  Tax is included!  Other widely-used languages are being manufactured along with Glow-in-the-Dark Keychains and Auto Cling-On Stickers.  We need your email or address in order to send pictures of the products.  See contact info below.  (These products are original with all rights reserved.  No duplication or similar design is allowed.)


Wearing The Original JWMD-Band is effective and informative.  They are water-proof, smudge-proof and durable.  You wear something that is visible and popular.  It is up to each one of us to keep our Medical Directive current and where it's supposed to be.  Wear the JWMD-Band to direct others to Your Directive!  Sometimes the one that helps us knows nothing about us!  So, "We Help Them, Help Us!"


When to wear:

            Especially When Traveling

            Construction Sites

            When Alone

            Outdoor Activities

            Medical Visits/Hospital Stays

            Public Events

            Conversation Starter

            All The Time

Put one on:

            Auto Interior Mirror

            Gear Shift

            You and Your Loved Ones

            Children/ Elderly

            Wear Two or More for Greater Attention


Just turn the JWMD-Band inside out when you feel you need to be discreet.  The blood issue can cause a volatile discussion if not handled with respect.  The Band was created for Jehovah's Witnesses and their friends and is not meant to create unnecessary disputes.  The Band is to warn and alert others that when there is a medical need, we have a signed and legal document in our wallet that states our own determined personal decision about the use of blood.  These items were created to inform and direct.

I personally wear mine, sometimes two of them, all the time, even in water, but turn it inside-out when I know that the people I'm around would be offended because I know their beliefs on the blood issue


To Order:  E-mail at jwmd_band @ yahoo.com or Call # 404-431-7296, U.S.A.