2020 Wallpaper  -  392 Images

Birds Nat'l Parks #1
Nat'l Parks #2
Flowers Animals

Screen saver with the 2020 Yeartext made from all the wallpaper above.
This screen saver has 393 images and is 107.5 Mb in size.
So allow plenty of time to download it.

It is a self installing file so just click on it after it is downloaded.


To use the images on my site as wallpaper on your iPad

1.  Choose the image you want to use.  Tap on it and it and you will see the full size one.

2.  Press and hold the larger image and you will be given a choice to "Add to Photos", "Share", or "Copy". 
     Choose "Add to Photos" and it will save to your camera roll.

3.  Go to "Settings" on your iPad and choose "Wallpaper". 

4.  Tap on "Choose a New Wallpaper" and locate the image you just saved in "All Photos".  Tap on it.  
      Pinch or expand the image to get it the size you want and then chose the "Set" of your choice to make it your wallpaper.

2019 Wallpaper and more on Denise's Site

Many images on my site are courtesy of these two sites.  Thank you!
Public Domain Images

The text on all images on these pages was added using

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