For every 12 cards ordered you get 1 FREE Thank You card and 1 FREE bookmark!

Wouldn't these very personal cards make a nice keepsake for a
Baptism, Wedding, or Anniversary?  Write your own message inside.

Jane Woodson, an older sister, makes lovely greeting cards to supplement her Social Security check.  The cards are on white linen stock paper and come with an envelope and protective cellophane sleeve.  She presses flowers that she grows in her yard.  Actually no weed is safe--they have been known to "press" most anything in the pages of their Bibles.  She puts different pictures and items on the card fronts (kittens, dogs, birds, butterflies, etc) and surrounds them with her pretty pressed flowers.  Each card is a one of a kind.  She sells them to stores, and shops for $2 and they in turn, retail them for $3 or $4.  She has also done some with sayings such as the year text.  They make very nice, personal gifts or cards.  Many people say that when they receive one, they put it in a frame and keep it.  She also does picture-type ones--some 8½ by 11 or she has also done some quite large ones.  And she does "Thank You" cards.  She would be willing to sell them to the friends for the $2 (which is less than you would pay for most cards at the store) but of course, there would be additional fees for the shipping.  For further information, email her daughter Judy at  

Below are a few samples of her one-of-a-kind cards.  Click on any one to see it  full size.  (Then click it again to see it really full size and look at the detail.)





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